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Formerly known as COLLIN THIBODEAUXX (CTXX), named after guitarist and vocalist Collin Thibodeau, the Richmond, Va. trio now recognized as LANCE BANGS love to party, especially in a house or basement — the dirtier, the better. The  band recently rebranded to reflect the focus on the band as a collaborative effort rather than a solo project when drummer Drew Lanzafama and bassist Joel Alicea took a more active role in the band’s creative process.

We chatted with Lanzafama about the band’s upcoming record and tour, as well as the progression for the band from DIY to established venues. LANCE f****n’ BANGS.

Can you tell me about your band’s relationship with house shows and basement shows, in terms of how they relate to the identity of your band?

House shows are our preferred setting, or mine at least. We’re a lot more relaxed, and our personalities come through more in our shows. And they’re just a ton of fun. It’s cramped and sweaty, people are having a good time for the price of a small donation.

We’ve had the gb on stage. We’ve had our friend on the gb on stage.

Compared to other cities you’ve played, how does Richmond’s house show scene compare in terms of quality?

Richmond’s house scene is so diverse. There are a ton of really great musicians here making all kinds of music, so it’s nice that there are people willing to open up their homes to showcase local bands. I feel like landing a house show in another city is a little more difficult than a venue, just because you have to know where to look. But we’ve played some house venues in Boston and Philly, and we had a lot of fun in both places.

What’s one of nastier house shows you guys have played?

The Crayola House in Harrisonburg, Va. is absolutely raw. They literally cram people into the basement and stay up hella late.

But the dirtier the better, in my opinion (laughs).

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How well do you think your band has transitioned from playing basements and living rooms to more established venues like Strange Matter?

It took us some time to feel comfortable on those venue stages, but we’ve figured it out now. You build a relationship with the people who do sound, and they know what we’re going for and really make us sound crisp and clean. Another plus is that we’ve been able to play along some bigger acts, and I appreciate that experience.

When did you link up with Citrus City Records?

We’ve had a relationship since we starting making Colin’s music as CTXX. Manny has been our friend for years, and he’s been one of our biggest supporters. We’re fortunate to work have a close relationship with him; we wouldn’t have been able to do a lot of these cool things we’ve done over the past year or so without him.

You guys are currently working on your debut album to be released later this summer. Where are you at with that project?

We actually got a lot of recording done over memorial day weekend. I was pleasantly surprised how much we were able to accomplish because I thought we would be behind. The EP comes out next month through a co-release between L.A. label Danger Collective and Citrus City.

Do you have any shows lined up for this summer?

We have a two week tour planned in July with SPORTS COACH outta Boston. Be sure to look out for that and come say hi!

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